9 Signs Your AC Might Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

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Do you have a feeling that your AC is not working as it used to? Truth is, for you to enjoy all the benefits of an AC unit, it needs to work correctly. But can you tell if an AC repair is needed, or if it needs to be replaced?  

There are a few signs your air conditioner needs to be replaced or repaired that are easy to notice.   

We will help you learn the possible signs your air conditioner needs repair or replacement so that you can use the maximum out of your AC unit. 

How long do air conditioners last? We will answer that question, as well as talk about when it’s time for well-deserved HVAC replacement. 

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair  

You should look out for many signs, and we will focus on the most common ones. If you notice that any one of them is happening to your AC, you shouldn’t wait anymore. You should contact professional help so that they can perform proper AC repair.  

We will also talk about the signs that indicate your air conditioner needs to be replaced because, sometimes AC repair, unfortunately, isn’t possible. Look out for the upcoming signs so that you don’t end up without an AC when you need it the most.   

  1. Insufficient airflow  
  2. Warm air  
  3. High humidity  
  4. Bad odors  
  5. Water leaks  
  6. Strange noises  
  7. High electric bills  
  8. Frequent problems  
  9. Old unit

Insufficient Airflow Is Coming Out of the Vents  

One of the most common problems with your AC is the poor airflow that can’t circulate through your room and cool it down enough. A few things can cause this, and one of them is a clogged air filter. Another reason for this to happen can be a failing compressor or a broken motor. You could also have a problem with your ducts, which is causing the air to flow poorly. And to find out the actual reason why this is happening, you need a professional to examine your AC. So, don’t wait up too long because it can get more problematic.   

Warm Air Coming Out of Your Vents 

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One of the regular signs your air conditioner needs repair is the warm air blowing from the vents. It can be a problem if your thermostat is set up to cooling mode. It might be caused by a compressor issue or due to restricted airflow. A professional should address the case promptly because an AC unit that doesn’t cool down your house and make you feel comfortable is pretty much useless.   

High Humidity in Your Rooms  

Another essential perk of having an AC besides cooling down your space is reducing humidity levels inside your rooms. This feature must work correctly so that you can have a pleasant time in your home. If it doesn’t work correctly, and you are experiencing high levels of humidity in your rooms, you’ve got a problem. In most cases, the issue gets fixed by simply recalibrating the AC. 

Foul Odors Are Coming from Your AC 

It would be best to react the first moment you smell a strange odor coming from your AC. Often the problem is something small, and a nice professional clean-up will do the job. You can also get rid of bad smells by cleaning your ducts because often, a lot can accumulate inside them and be the source of the foul odor. Sometimes it can be something more problematic, but it’s nothing that will require HVAC replacement most of the time. Also, if the bad odor smells like something’s burning, you urgently need to stop using the AC and call for professional help. 

Fluid Is Leaking Out of Your AC 

Water leaks are common and among the more severe problems that can happen to your AC unit. You shouldn’t ignore this issue because the leak can damage your house and your belongings, and even worse, it can be harmful to your health. A leak from your AC can be just water that’s accumulated from condensation. The accumulation can happen due to a broken disposal tube or a blocked one. But in more severe cases, the fluid leaking from your AC can be the refrigerant, releasing poisonous freon. You shouldn’t gamble with a problem like this, and you should immediately contact a professional service to estimate what’s causing the leak and to fix the problem.   

Your AC Is Making Strange Noises 

Fortunately, technology is progressing every day, and air conditioners now are making little noise, to the point that you can hear them only if you focus. Because of that, a noisy AC system  can be a problem especially if you hear rattling, scraping, grinding, buzzing, or even whistling from the unit. The noises don’t have to be constant to be considered a problem, so you need to address them as soon as you hear something. There are many reasons why something like this is happening, and sometimes it can lead to HVAC replacement, especially if you wait too long.  

You Are Getting High Electric Bills Because of Your AC 

If you notice your utility bills skyrocketing upward, it could be one of the signs telling you that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Something like this can be due to a broken thermostat switch, leaks, or just old age. It could also just mean it needs repair, but you’ll know more when a professional inspect your unit.

Problems Frequently Occur to Your Unit 

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There is an approximate lifespan of an AC unit, but in reality, nobody knows how long air conditioners last. Sometimes it happens that a unit is faulty and problematic out of the box. In those cases, repairs can often pile up bills that nobody wants. If you have contacted your nearest AC repair service more than a couple of times in the last couple of months, it’s time to buy another unit. Sometimes the problems can’t be fixed, and buying a new AC is way more cost-efficient.   

Your Unit Is Too Old 

If you ever asked yourself how long air conditioners last, the answer is around ten years. Yes, HVAC replacement is needed if your unit is too old because nothing can last forever, especially if you use your unit daily. Sometimes, a unit can experience many problems listed above, and if your AC has passed its prime, you should definitely replace it. An air conditioner unit can work for more than ten years, but only if used very little. And in a typical Arizona household, that’s almost impossible.  

So, if you notice some of these problems with your old AC, be sure to browse through some HVAC replacement options because you will probably need to get a new unit. Sometimes, repair is not an option.

Air Control Is Here for You! 

If you have difficulties with your AC and notice any of the problems mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact us. Contacting a professional service will prevent any more damage from happening to your unit and might even avoid replacing it. Our team of fully licensed professionals with years of experience is here to help you. Call us today and book your appointment!

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