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Should you repair existing ductwork or install new?

Sometimes repairs can only go so far for your damaged ductwork.  If they have suffered extreme damage or perhaps were installed incorrectly, your only option would be to get a replacement.  The team behind Air Control is here for all of your ductwork needs, including replacements or new installations.  We can carefully inspect the ductwork, check to see if a replacement is your best option, and install new ductwork working around your home’s unique layout.  Accuracy is very important to our technicians and we understand each home has a different blueprint.  Let us wow you with the results from your duct installation.

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What Ductwork for My System?

With many options available, we understand it can be frustrating to settle with so many home improvement choices out there.  We take the size and layout of your home into consideration to make such decisions.  We also want to make sure the ductwork can support your current HVAC system as well as work for your budget.

Let Us Take Care Of That For You

It may seem like a good idea to try a new DIY project such as installing ductwork yourself, but it’s important that one of our certified professionals handles the installation.  You want to make sure that your heating and cooling systems are running properly and efficiently via the air ducts.  Count on us to handle the workload and your family can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable home.



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