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Whether you need a furnace installed in a brand new construction or you would like to replace your current one, we can handle the job.  Our technicians at Air Control can carefully assess the situation and come up with a solution that works for your budget and unique space requirements.  We stay up to date with the latest products and brands out there and can help you navigate through the decision process with ease.  Let us take care of the hard work for you.


Typical Residential Furnace Types

  • Gas furnaces – most commonly found across the U.S.
  • Wood furnaces – Fitting for rural areas, without natural gas lines and where wood is available 
  • Electric furnaces Costly to run, but less expensive to buy upfront.  Works well in warmer climates that require less heat.
  • Oil furnaces – Not as popular anymore.  They tend to be seen in the Northeast where there are fewer gas fuels.  This type of furnace requires oil kept on site of the property.
  • Geothermal heating – Efficient and eco-friendly.  This heating uses naturally stored energy.  Tends to be more expensive to install.


Why Should I Install a New Furnace?

Keep peace of mind knowing you have a furnace that won’t give out on you, especially during the cooler months.  You will also notice that most up to date models include new features and updates. They are less noisy and much more energy efficient.  Let us help you keep your home or business warm this winter.



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