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Do different parts of your home or business have contrasting temperature needs?  Perhaps you have someone in the family that requires a different indoor climate than the rest of the house?  Sounds like a zone controller is exactly what you need.  There are many advantages to having an HVAC zoning controller installed.  You can choose a specific temperature for certain rooms without affecting other parts of your home.

Advantages to HVAC System Zoning

  • Custom tailored airflow and temperature
  • Can easily switch between heating and cooling
  • Comfort for everyone in the home or office
  • Reduced Utility Costs
  • Quieter system

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Customized Airflow for Your Home or Business

Zoning allows your HVAC system to distribute airflow at its top efficiency all while at a lower speed.  This leaves you with a quieter operation, savings on your utility bills, and a happy household.  Count on our trained a certified team at Air Control to set you up with a top of the line zone controller and deliver trusted quality craftsmanship.


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