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Do you own a commercial business and are having troubles keeping a consistent indoor climate?  Sometimes the problem is not the heating or cooling system but actually the leaks within the air ducts.  When air ducts are not properly sealed, you can lose a ton of energy.  Especially for a large business, utility bills can be through the roof.  But with a little help from our team at Air Control, we can handle any ductwork issue you bring to us.

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What Happens During the Sealing Process?

  • Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the duct system
  • We will repair any disconnected ducts
  • Any leaks or connections will be sealed
  • If insulation is required, we insulate the ductwork
  • We carefully examine the work done
  • We test the heating and cooling supply in conjunction with your ducts

Proudly Serving the Tempe Community

Our trained and certified technicians are happy to service the businesses and homes of Tempe and the surrounding communities.  Allow us to help solve the problem with your ducts the first time.  We will wow you with our professionalism, experience, and high standards.  Enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures year round with Air Control.



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