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Air ducts are responsible for transporting the air from heating and cooling sources throughout various rooms of the home.  Over time, damages such as holes or dents may develop.  This could be due to weather conditions, aging, or a faulty installation.  Our Air Control team is here to help with all of your air duct repairs.  We carefully detect all aspects of the system to get to the root of the problem.  Our technicians then come up with a long lasting solution that works for your home. 

Things You May Notice When an Air Duct Needs a Repair

  • Rattling or hissing sounds
  • Increase in utility bills
  • Uneven heat and air conditioning distribution
  • Poor airflow
  • Strange smells
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Count on Us for All of Your Ductwork Needs

Whatever the service is, Air Control always aims to exceed your expectations.  We are happy you have chosen to work with our professionals on this job.  You will be happy to see what the improvements will do for your home and comfort.


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